7 Steps to Improve Your Relationship with Money to Attract Abundance

What comes to your mind when you think of money? How do you feel about it? Do you feel at east or do you tense up?

What does money mean to you? How is your relationship with it?

I never knew I had a relationship with money until I used the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance. After a series of failed attempts, it struck me that my finances weren’t going to improve unless I learned to feel good about money.

And that means befriending it, respecting it, and maintaining a healthy relationship with it.

This profound (nod your head if money is one life concern for you) realization drove me to face my money issue head-to-head. Instead of shunning my bank balance, I printed out the bank statement.

Staring at the numbers reduces their power over me. I then worked on developing a healthy relationship with money by shifting my money mindset and forming new money habits.

As a result, the Law of Attraction started working for me, although what I have manifested is still small.

I know you want something splendid, but small streams ain’t bad if they keep flowing in. And you know they will grow.

If you aim to attract abundance that’s is secure and sustainable, begin by evaluating your relationship with money.

Why is Your Relationship with Money Critical to Manifesting More of It?

A relationship with money entails everything you know and believe about money and how you interact with it.

When you have a healthy relationship with money, money feels good to you.

You see money as a tool to get what you want. You acknowledge its importance, but you don’t give away your power to money.

While you meet your needs and wants with grace, you don’t entail unnecessary expenses to feed your ego’s greed. And you trust that money will come to you when you need it.

The Universe responds more to your feelings than to your thoughts when it comes to manifesting abundance. When you feel ease, respect, and trust towards money, the Universe will find a way to bring you more of it.

Unfortunately, many of us have a somewhat toxic relationship with money, and it blocks prosperity from flowing into our experience.

On one hand, we see money as an end goal and a limited resource. Therefore, we fret about having to compete for it.

On the other hand, we don’t think we deserve more abundance. How many times have you stressed about asking your boss for a pay raise? How many times have you rejected a helping hand from a friend because you are too embarrassed to receive it?

When we hold these low vibrations of fear, stress, and unworthiness about money, we manifest lack of money instead of money to our experience.

For like attracts like—the Universe cannot deliver financial abundance to you without you feeling good about money first.

Improve Your Relationship with Money

We formed our relationships with money under the influence of our caregivers. Their money beliefs became our beliefs and their money habits became our habits.

Unfortunately, the money mindset that many of us inherit from our parents is distorted and far from the truth. It robs us of the abundance and prosperity that we deserve.

Yet, you can unlearn what you’ve learned. And your finances will improve.

Dive into these seven steps that can help you improve your relationship with money to attract abundance and prosperity:

1. See Money as a Tool

When you treat money as the end goal, you chase it at the cost of your energy, time, and things you love. You run into panic and distress because you never make the amount that you want.

Ironically, the low vibrations of fear and discomfort surrounding money block it from coming to your life.

Money by itself does not carry value. It is what money can purchase that makes it desirable. Seeing money as a tool for exchange puts you back to the driver’s seat. You use a tool, not the other way around.

When you acknowledge your power over money, you can then decide how to use what you have to your best benefit. When your finances are in control, your feelings of ease will help you manifest more money.

2. Shake Up Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

Building a healthy relationship with money means eliminating negative, distorting beliefs. The typical ones are “money is a limited resource,” “money doesn’t grow on trees” or that certain job won’t make you rich.

They make your heart sink when you think of money.

They drop you out of the frequencies to receive money.

If you grew up with parents who often argued about money, you might also believe that money creates problems.  And you might avoid it as much as possible subconsciously, and hence rob yourself of wealth.

Like everything else in the Universe, money is energy, infinitely abundant and available to everyone. It is our false beliefs about money that keep it at bay.

Work on releasing your money judgments. There’s nothing holy or evil about money. It simply comes to you when you need it.

As you set an intention for financial abundance with peace and trust, the Universe will respond to your quest.

3. Love and Appreciate Money

While we cling to money, we also have deep-rooted fear and resentment towards it. However, the more we wrestle with money, the more we stray away from financial abundance.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Money has no power over us; on the contrary, it longs to serve us if we allow it.

Love and appreciate the money you have and be grateful for the joy it brings you. Think of the hot chocolate that melts your heart and the lovely gift that lights up your kid’s face. We are so conditioned to focus on the lack of money that we ignore all the wondrous things that money has allowed us.

Gratitude Affirmation to Attract Money

Love money as a friend who wants you to be happy and helps you to express love. Your appreciation towards money is a signal to the Universe that you want and deserve more of it.

4. See Money as an Option

Money is not the only form of abundance. We are so keen on manifesting money because we are oblivious to other means to get what we want.

Abundance can come in many other shapes: an unexpected gift, a tax refund, a fee waiver, or a price reduction for what you need to purchase. One of my favorite channeled entities Bashar defines abundance as “the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”

In his view, abundance has nothing to do with money. Whether it is for a new project,  a vacation, or a new car, trust that money isn’t the only way to get what you want.

Let go of the insistence that things have to come as money. Don’t lose heart if you haven’t manifested enough to purchase what you want.

Instead, start to anticipate in what manner your desires will show up. (You will know the fun!)

As you vibrate at the frequency of ease and joy, you expedite the process of attracting abundance to your experience.

5. Set Up a Budget

While suppressing your needs to save isn’t the way to abundance, splurging on things you can’t afford intensifies your feelings of lack. Lack attracts more lack.

Building a healthy relationship with money entails the efficient use of it.

Set up a budget; allocate money for spending, paying off debts if you carry some, saving, and investing. No matter how little you make, commit to your budget.

The ability to monitor money inflow and outflow makes you feel in control. Your sense of security increases and you have more confidence in your financial outlook.

Once you stop being a vibratory match to lacking money, the Universe will also stop bringing deficiency to you.

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6. Trust that You’re Supported

Can you imagine a world where money doesn’t exist and you need not worry about it?

Having a healthy relationship with money sometimes means letting it go mentally. As described by the Pleiadians (channeled by Ms. Wendy Kennedy), the Universe functions with an energetic economy.  Your interaction with money is an outflow and influx of energy.

As you pulse out love, joy, and abundance unconditionally, the same energy will come back and support you.

Follow your joy and extend your love to others without expectation. When you show the Universe your highest excitement with pure intention, it will know where to direct energy and find a way to support your cause.

Take action, commit to what thrills you, and money will follow.

7. Take Responsibility

When we don’t see that we create our reality, we blame our family, governments, financial institutions, and economic environments for our financial predicament.

But the moment you whine, you give your power away and put your abundance at someone else’s mercy.

Building a healthy relationship with money means that you take full responsibility for your finances. Accept where you are, and trust your power to actualize desires into reality if you stick to them.

The Universe, which is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs, will then guide you on the path of least resistance to attaining your financial goals.


Healing your relationship with money is a process without an end. Enjoy the process, have fun, and things will unfold faster. And you will reach your financial goals sooner.

What’s your story with money?

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