7 “Trigger Warnings” for Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening, in essence, is one’s remembrance of one’s true self. We are spiritual beings originated from the Divine Source, and we choose to incarnate again and again to this physical world to learn, to grow, and to evolve. However, we washed off this memory as we entered our mothers’ womb so that when we were born, we are on the other side of the veil.  We then grew up, matured, and adopted the view—taught by our caregivers and the society—that reality is deterministic and that we, as physical beings, are in every way confined by it.

When we don’t remember that we are spirits in nature, we get too stuck in the material pursuits: money, wealth, success, and fame; when we don’t we all come from the same Source, we cling to our identity and create separation from others; and when we forget that we—sparks of Divinity—have infinite power beyond space and time, we begin to worry, fear, control, manipulate, and end up doing things that sabotage ourselves.

That’s why spiritual awakening often brings about profound changes to whoever goes through it. On the one hand, realizing that you are spirits in nature liberates you from attachment to the mundane—why would you care so much about anything if you know that you are here to play and will leave one day? On the other hand, knowing that your soul carries the divine energy of Source gives you the strength to pursue your desires (including material goals) and to live a life fuller and happier.

Nonetheless, walking the path of spiritual awakening could be lonely and confusing, and even painful when you stumble upon unexpected obstacles. I do not intend these “trigger warnings” to deter you from a wondrous, metamorphic journey but simply offer a different perspective on this subject from my own experience. While people are not wrong when they prose that “to live as a spirit is unbounded and effortless”, we also need some coping strategies should the path turn out to be bumpier. Better prepared, and you will walk farther and faster.

1. There is No Completion

Spiritual awakening doesn’t have an end. Many of us were led on this path because we want to heal and when we finally find solace in the light of spirituality, we think we don’t have to suffer anymore. However, unlike the fact that you can be happily discharged from a hospital once you are cured, spiritual awakening is a lifelong process—we can only get better and better but never be completely healed.

In every moment on this path, we are trying to remember who we truly are and transform limitations that inhibit our true self from expressing itself. Whenever we clear up a negative belief, more would surface up and may require more effort to deal with them. It is by experiencing these recurring cycles that we liberate ourselves from old patterns and baggage, expand our consciousness, and increase our vibration to a higher and higher level.

spiritual awakening

To walk the path of spiritual awakening with ease, you need to fall in love with the process. Confront your fears, test your limitation, re-experience your childhood trauma to heal past wounds, and face with your shadow self—these can all put you in distress in the beginning. Nevertheless, you’ll become adept at handling them as you practice on, and even welcome them with a warm smile because you know that these dramas are showing you that you have total control over your life.

Many people might envision a life deprived of humanly fun when they think of “spirituality”. But this cannot be farther from the truth. You don’t need to live an ascetic life to be spiritual, you don’t need to live in the mountain to be spiritual, and you certainly don’t have to give up your dreams and goals to be spiritual. If you can truly understand that you are sparks of Divinity, you know that you are never restricted in any way.

Incorporate some fun practices into your daily routine if you want to. For me, these include: meditating, committing to a healthy diet, exercising, researching on metaphysics, learning new spiritual concepts, shopping for stones and crystals, etc. In fact, merely bringing awareness to your interactions with people and reactions to events in your daily life is an effective spiritual practice—you would not be able to do so if you denied your ability to be an observer detached from your physical body and experience.

2. It Puts You on Edge

Many of us in the spiritual community talk about finding balance and peace all day, but there’s really nothing peaceful about spiritual awakening—it puts you on fire. As we embrace our true self and discard old patterns and beliefs, more of them would surface up and manifest in our reality at an unprecedented pace. All of a sudden, you find your life in chaos with ten times more dramas and ten times more conflicts. “Why the heck is everything so wrong”, you may wonder.

spiritual awakening

Realize that these are all part and parcel of a destruct-reconstruct process—old things have to go before new things and the new you can be built. For that to happen, these old patterns and beliefs have to manifest themselves as conflicts and discordance so that you will: first, be aware that they exist; second, transform them into something positive. The chaos you run into on this journey is never an indication that you are off the track; on the contrary, it is the very evidence that you are where you are supposed to be.

3. Are You Willing to Let Go?

The journey of spiritual awakening can be effortless or bumpy, depending on how much you are willing to let go of old baggage and outdated beliefs. They may include: negative, sabotaging self-talks, feelings of lack and unworthiness, judgment, victimization of oneself, and the need to outshine others. Nonetheless, in doing so, we are not only uprooting beliefs that we have embraced and acted upon for years but also breaking off conventions that even those closet to us still support deem true. In doing so, we are made social outliers.

No wonder it is unnerving to be spiritually awakened! However, the more frightful you are in a situation, the harder your button is pushed, or the acuter the pain feels, the deeper the trauma and negative beliefs have taken root and the bigger the transformation you may go through if you will. Have faith that your Higher-Self—the non-physical part of you that sees your highest potentials—has had everything arranged and all you need to do is to surrender to your fear and discomfort and take the plunge.

4. You Are On Your Own

As if those drawn to spiritual awakening weren’t lonely enough, walking this path isolates them even more from the crowd. On the one hand, you might become hypersensitive to others’ pain and sufferings, and they make you want to withdraw. On the other hand, even if people around you don’t frown upon the idea of spiritual awakening, they surely won’t walk the same path as you do or share your experience.

spiritual awakening

We incarnate with different blueprints and purposes. It is never our business to interfere with others’ spiritual growth or question why they aren’t “on the same page” with us, even if these people are our friends, family, soul mates, or twin flames. We have one responsibility on this planet, and that is to take care of ourselves on our own.

Whenever you feel the need to “educate” others about their spiritual growth, look inwards and find the underlying motivation for you to do so. It happens that we want others to learn “unconditional love” so that they can love us unconditionally, that we ask them to be positive so that we can avoid dealing with their emotions, and that we tell them about compassion so that they understand and support our decisions. Under the disguise of “helping”, what we want is merely control and manipulation and to build a safe environment for ourselves.

In truth, our Universe is so set up that every relationship we have with others shows us an aspect (aspects) of us to heal and to integrate. Whenever our button got pushed, it isn’t because someone else is spiritually immature, and he or she hurts us, but because certain old beliefs that we carry get triggered and upset us. Therefore, make a habit to ask yourself, “What do I have to believe to let that hurt me?” In many cases, these root beliefs would come down to: “I don’t deserve love”, “I’m not worthy”, or “I’m not good enough”. Excavate these limiting thoughts, change them to something positive, and you will begin to develop a healthy level of immunity to the external environment.

Interestingly, as you focus on your own and let go of the need to mold others, people around you start to change: your partner isn’t that controlling anymore, your boss stops bugging you, and those who were at odds with you either suddenly be kind to you or completely disappear from your life. Our vibration determines our reality: the moment that we switch the vibration from insecure to secure, from unloved to loved, and from desperate to hopeful, we will no longer be a match to those low-vibrational people or events that we had to deal with before.

5. Take Responsibility

The moment that you register for spiritual awakening and claim the potent power to create your reality, you also sign a contract that says no blaming, no whining, and no victimization of yourself. Physical reality does not exist outside our consciousness, and nothing could ever demolish us without our consent.

Take full responsibility for your life and go for what’s most important for you, even though it might take time for success to manifest. Don’t worry about all the steps that you need to take to reach your destination—they will unfold as you move along the path. Set an intention, follow your instincts and synchronicities (they are signs that your Higher-Self is communicating with you), take actions (baby steps will do), stay present, and be thrilled of doing what you love in every moment of your life, and you will see your heart desires come to fruition eventually.

6. If You Don’t Believe, You Can’t See

At some point on your spiritual awakening journey, you will have doubt, especially when reality doesn’t go as you wish or your desires don’t manifest instantly. But this is all part and parcel of a process and this is how the game is played. Let’s say we are at Point A and we want to go to Point B. The moment we make this intention, our Higher-Self starts to arrange things and guides us on the optimal path to get there; all we need to do is to walk the steps.

spiritual awakening

Some of these steps seem nonsensical, some contradict with conventions, and others make you uncomfortable—that’s why it’s hard to believe that we will eventually come out safe. Nevertheless, these challenges and difficulties are purposively set up to show us that we have the ability to turn them into something magnificent. Should you drop out of the journey out of disbelief and doubt, you will never see how capable you are, and you certainly cannot reach where you want to.

When you are in undesirable situations, instead of questioning your power, ask what they can tell you about yourself. Are you still holding negative beliefs that have manufactured these dramas? What perspectives do you need to take on to generate experiences to your liking? Changes are incremental and gradual. The more negative thoughts and beliefs you can transform, the more desirable your reality will become, and the more you will trust yourself and your mastery.

7. You’re Not Shielded from Negative Emotions

Because there is no completion to spiritual awakening, there is no end to negative emotions. This might come as a bombshell to spiritual people, for many of us were drawn on this path to heal. What’s the point of “awakening” if I am not exempt from suffering? Might as well see a therapist!

Negative emotions are not the root of suffering, but the resistance of them is, i.e., “I’m not supposed to feel bad”. In fact, simply by calling them out as “negative”, we have created resistance and thus produced potential suffering for ourselves. From the perspective of the spirit, every emotion is valid and we won’t feel it without a good reason. It is in human terms that some become desirable while others render unfavorable, and we avoid and deny the latter. To truly embrace our nature as an infinite, spiritual being, we need to let go the negative connotations for certain feelings and treat them ions as neutral and valid.

Just as you would embrace joy and excitement wholeheartedly, let yourself immerse in sorrow and grief and express them in whatever way you need to. Meanwhile, observe these emotions with an acute awareness and remind yourself that they are temporary and will only stay for a while. Your vibratory state would switch the moment you do so, and your improved vibration will magnetize people and circumstance that are more pleasing than those that, a moment ago, invoked emotions that you do not prefer.

No matter what’s driven you to this post, that fact that you land on this page and have borne with me this far is an indication that there’s something here that resonates with you. It is my genuine wish that you could take something away from this, whether it is a relief—because now you know you are not alone in going through tough times, an insight, a coping tactic, or just plain skepticism and disagreement—both can prompt you to find your own truth. To be able to offer you something is to be able to offer myself the same thing. We are all connected, and that will never change.


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