7 Unmistakable Signs that Your Manifestation Is On the Way

You placed your order to the Universe. It hasn’t materialized yet.

You don’t know what manifestation signs to look for. You aren’t sure whether the Universe has heard you or not.

Anxiety creeps in, old beliefs hit back, and the inner critic mocks you. All drive you to the edge of giving up.

Sound familiar to you?

Many who practice the Law of Attraction are no strangers to these situations. Demoralizing. Dispiriting. Deadening.

But the truth is that you are much closer than you think.

The reason you don’t see your blessings is that the manifestation signs often come in disguise. If you don’t pay attention, you might miss them or mistake them for something else.

The Universe doesn’t want to trap you. On the contrary, it can’t wait to see your dreams come true.

But it also wants to make sure you want what you want and push you to the core so that you reach your potential. It tips you over so that you gain strength. It places hurdles here and there to help you grow.

And it KNOWS the pain in the ass will only magnify your joy and sense of fulfillment when your desire materializes.

You are meant to get what you want—if only you will shut off your doubt.

To help you navigate through your journey, I include a list of common manifestations signs that will reassure you that you’re on the right track. Let them keep your spirit high!

Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

Sign#1. You See It Everywhere

One definite sign that manifestation is on the way is that you see what you want everywhere.

For example, if you desire a new car of a particular model and color, you might see similar ones racing down the street, resting by the roadside, or standing out from the advertising boards.

You might also hear people talk about the subject everywhere you go. In a word, when your manifestation is close at hand, anything that resembles or represents what you want will not escape your attention.

Sign#2. You See 1111 or 111

Do you see 1111 or 111 regularly? Where do you see them, on the clock, your grocery receipt or the license plate? Do they ring a bell to you?

1111 and 111 are angel numbers that signal the presence of angelic beings that aim to assist you. They also indicate that the Universe has acknowledged your prayer and will lead you on the path to success. In other words, your manifestation process is speeding up.

Make sure to check your thoughts when you see 1111 or 111. Are you focusing on the positive, or are you thinking thoughts that impede the manifestation process?

If you fall on the latter, simply remind yourself to look away from what doesn’t serve you. The Universe is on your side. There is no reason to dwell on the past doom and groom and sabotage your efforts.

Sign#3. You Experience Synchronicity

The Universe wants to make your life easier. When you set a goal but don’t know how to approach it, it will guide you by way of synchronicity.

They come in varying forms. You might listen to a song whose lyrics provides the solution to a problem at hand. You might overhear a conversation that has the information to help you take the next move. You might chat with a stranger who answers a question you’ve been struggling with.

You might also manifest a series of stepping stones to achieving your goal. A business partner, a mentor, a coach, etc. As it goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will show up.

Synchronicities are unmistakable manifestation signs from the Universe. Keep your eye open and make good use of them!

Sign#4. Feel Connected with Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are higher-dimensional, incorporeal beings that have overseen our growth since we were born. Brought up as an atheist, I used to discredit any form of connection with the non-material world.

However, as I was shedding off old beliefs and raising my frequencies to manifest my desires, I’ve built a deep connection with my guides.

I feel their presence. I ask them questions. Every time I struggle to move, I turn to my guides who will give me clarity and hint at the direction that serves my highest good.

When you feel connected to the guides, your cause is supported, and you will get help. Keep up the pace, and you’ll soon experience your dreams coming to fruition with joy and love.

Sign#5. You Feel It Coming

You can’t make sense of it, but it is there.

The feeling that what you want is drawing close.

Feelings are the points of attraction. Before something materializes in the physical realm, it has to develop on the energetic (or feeling) level. Feeling splendid means your frequency align with your desire and you have no doubt that it’s becoming real.

A sure sign that manifestation is just around the corner.

The smartest way to capitalize on it is to take quick actions and sustain the sense of ease and trust. Build up momentums of good feelings, and your manifestation will come faster.

Sign#6. You are Inspired to Take Actions

Inaction and procrastination stem from fear. Fear creates resistance that blocks your desire from materializing.

On the contrary, when you feel inspired to take actions, rest assured that manifestation is on the way.

You are in a state of trust, and you surrender to the flow. You receive cosmic wisdom and message.

Ideas come to you effortlessly. Actions entail few difficulties. Nothing can stop you.

You are also hopeful of the outcome. That, in turn, adds to your excitement and inspires you to take more actions that align with your desire.

Instead of wishing something to manifest, now you KNOW it will.

When you KNOW it will come, it comes.

Sign#7. You Encounter Resistance

If you don’t experience resistance, you aren’t moving forward towards manifestation.

Because of limitations and negative beliefs, not all of us are ready to appreciate the outcome if we get what we want immediately. For example, endowing a terrible money manager with wealth and the money might be wasted.

To make sure you have a strong arm to catch and hold what you ask for, the Universe needs to give you some tests.

Every time you push through a limitation, you discard a negative belief, strengthen your muscles, and raise your vibration. Before long, another set of challenges will appear and prompt you to leap out of your comfort zone.

It is through conquering obstacles and gaining resilience that you approach closer and closer to manifesting your desire.

The Universe longs to deliver you what you want. Recognize obstacles as the signs that manifestation is on the way and don’t lose heart.


We might experience signs from the Universe differently, but the key message is that you WILL get what you want if you stick to it. Follow the signs unique to you and take actions, and your desire will materialize.

What are the manifestation signs you have seen so far?

7 Unmistakable Signs that the Law of Attraction is Working for Your

7 Unmistakable Signs that Your Manifestation Is On the Way

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