11 Things You Should Know About the Divine Feminine Energy

Whether you are male or female, you have both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy inside you. The Masculine energy represents actions, control, competition, practical matter, and logic and ration, while the Feminine energy stands for reflection, receptivity, intuition, love, compassion, nurturing and collaboration. Your gender determines which energy tends to express through you. In most cultures around the world, […]

Healing Relationships: 4 Steps to Learn the True Meaning of Relationships and How to Heal Them

You had a fight with your partner. For the second time in a week. You curl up on the floor. Tears roll down your cheeks. Alone. Misunderstood. Abandoned. Unloved. You have done everything to love and to give. Why can’t he see it? Why can’t he understand it? Why does he keep inflicting pain on you? You’re tired of suffering, […]