The Real Meaning of the Law of Attraction

So called the best-kept secret in our time.

Its synonyms include “you reap what you sow” and “what you put out is what you get back.”

It’s called the Law of Attraction.

It’s said that many of the ingenious in history used it to achieve what they achieved.

What is it really? How does it work? And how to use it to your benefit?

In this post, I want to give you my version of understanding and, if I’m lucky, help you reconnect with your own knowingness.

Leave it if it doesn’t resonate with you.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Put simply, the Law of Attraction denotes “like attracts like.”

Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies, including objects, people and their thoughts and feelings, and similar frequencies attract each other. Regardless of who you are, you attract what you focus on to your experience.

Therefore, if you focus on wealth and happiness, they will knock on your door; if you habitually dwell on the doom and gloom, you will also magnetize more of them.

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Yes. As real as Gravity.

But to test it, you need to give me the benefit of the doubt. You get more of what you focus on—you might only find evidence to disprove the Law of Attraction if you reject the idea outright.

We are conditioned to believe the Universe is deterministic and definite, but that’s not true. That the physical world looks solid to most people is because our perception is limited by our level of consciousness: the lower it is, the denser matter appears. For a well-trained mind, the reality is more fluid and malleable.

One way to test LoA is to intently focus on something you have no resistant to and see how it will appear (sometimes metaphorically) in your surroundings.

Or you can reflect on your life journey so far. Hasn’t it gone the way you believe it to be? Haven’t you already manifested many of your thoughts, whether you prefer them or not? Are they coincidences or the playing out of “ask, and you shall receive”?

I was full of suspicion at the beginning, but that you could manifest anything with your focus sounded too good to put aside.

Couldn’t help but dig into it. Life-changing discoveries.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

#1. Everything is Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. The solidity we perceive is the energy manifested in three-dimensional time-space reality.

Seemingly separated, all matter is fluid and interconnected in nature.

#2. Similar Frequencies Attract Each Other.

When you pulse out a thought, people or circumstances with same frequencies come to you. They manifest energetically first and then materialize in your physical reality, provided that you don’t carry conflicting frequencies that keep them away.

Not realizing how LoA works, people often question how it’s possible to manifest something out of reach, such as a substantial amount of money. Nonetheless, on the energetic level, it is merely a different frequency from where you vibrate.

Provided that you can shift your frequencies to match it and maintain at that level for some time, the Universe must yield to you.

#3. Negative, Limiting Beliefs are to Blame.

Ideally, what we focus on become our experience.

What keeps your desires at bay is your conflicting thought or belief. For example, if you desire one million dollars but don’t believe you can have it or don’t think you deserve it, then the money won’t come to you.

Many people can tap into high frequencies the moment when they make a wish because it excites them. But soon the frequencies drop because old beliefs hit back and thrust their confidence. The typical ones are “I’m good not enough,” “resources are limited,” or “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Because of this, the requests are never responded.

In other words, we drop ourselves out of the frequency to receive.

#4. The Key to Manifesting is Frequency Alignment

To manifest what you want, you have to align your frequency with it first. Think of how you will feel if your dream comes true and start carrying that vibration. If you want money to feel secure, feel secure; if you want a partner to feel loved, love yourself first.

Some people pull off and question the validity of LoA when they fail to manifest anything. But the root cause is that they haven’t switched their thought patterns to shift their frequencies.

Changes start energetically and then coalesce into physical forms. If you look at reality and whine about what has been manifested, you will get more of what you don’t want.

The Implications of the Law of Attraction

#1. We Create Our Reality.

A Universal law, the Law of Attraction doesn’t just “work” when you use it and stop when you don’t. Everything is subject to the Law of Attraction at any moment, whether you are aware of it or not.

Without exception, what you pulse out to the Universe comes back to your reality.

We entertain thousands of thoughts every day. Thoughts give rise to feelings, take on energies of different frequencies and materialize into the physical reality. 

Day in and day out, we magnetize people and circumstances that are a vibrational match to us, in all aspects of our life. No coincidence in this Universe. What we experience stems from our frequency and has a cause in our mind.

#2. Reality Is a Mirror

As we only attract people and circumstance that match our frequency, physical reality serves as a mirror that reflects our thoughts and beliefs. For example, you might dislike self-indulging people, but until this negative focus draws a narcissist to you and he makes you utterly uncomfortable, you would have no awareness of this judgment.

the law of attraction, what is the law of attractionWe’re often disconnected from our thoughts, as the majority are subconscious. Some of them we forget, and some of them are suppressed deliberately because they are too painful to bear.

The latter usually come from childhood experiences that left us feeling unloved, guilty, ashamed, insecure or not good enough.

These memories remain in the subconscious mind and magnetize people that trigger the same feelings. For example, those who experience neglect as a child often believe that they are not loved and the vibration attracts people who will never care for them.

Life is so set up that you know who you are.

There are merits about positive focus, but we also need to come to terms with our “shadow self.” The one that is needy and insecure, screams “I’m not worthy,” or seeks revenge.

How would you know yourself fully if you embrace some aspects while rejecting the others? Your shadows belong to you and need love and acceptance, too.

How to Use the Law of Attraction?

#1. See All Experiences as Valid.

At Creation (in linear terms), Source, or Oneness, had an intention to know itself. It splits itself into pieces to go on separate journeys and gain experiences and perspectives. We, these sparks of Divinity, agreed to project ourselves onto a time-space reality and decided on one rule.

This rule is such that thoughts turn into reality so that we can experience what we think.

This rule is the Law of Attraction.

You didn’t deliberately attract fear, pain, and anger to your experience, in case you ask why you would choose to suffer if you create your reality. In a dualistic world, you simply have to experience the dark to know the light.

Negativities serve good purposes. They call forth our desire for something better and let us uproot the negative beliefs that have manufactured them. Without them, there would be no growth or expansion.

When the desired state is achieved, a brand new set of discomfort will appear and prompts you to move again.

the law of attraction, what is the law of attraction

All experiences are valid, so don’t run away from the negative when they hit; instead, feel what you need to feel.

Spiritual people are guarded against negative emotions because we believe pain attracts more pain. However, what you resist persists. The more you wage war against the negative, the harder they fight back.

Accept that you are sad, angry, ashamed, depressed or helpless. To truly connect with Source—a spiritual summit to reach for many—is to embody its compassion for everything that exists.

#2. Make Your Wish and Let Go.

You are Source, and you are meant to get what you want. It is guaranteed by the Law of Attraction, and it is the purpose of you coming into this life.

Make a wish, trust that it is fulfilled and let go. You don’t have to know how to get there—the Universe will figure it out and guide you on the right track by way of your intuition and excitement.

You might fall and get burned, but as I said before, pain helps us grow. Let go of your judgment about the good and the bad. Welcome both with open arms.

Life then becomes a playground for experiences. You give up control because there are no “negativities” or “adversities” to avoid.

And because you know what you want will come to fruition.

By the Law of Attraction, it cannot be otherwise.


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